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Customised Training Courses for Businesses

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If your team spoke better French and had a better understanding of French culture and behaviour, would that enhance your business performance? Are you considering expanding your business internationally? Our customised training courses can benefit your company by helping to boost your team’s professional performance.

Programme Overview:

  • First our trainers gain an understanding of your company’s needs and goals, and carry out a careful analysis of the participants’ profiles. They then devise a training course that is custom-made for you, with objectives, content and activities adapted to the context and real-life situations and constraints that your team encounters.
  • Our professional French courses combine general language learning with specialised areas of expertise such as international relations, business, marketing, sustainable development, law, medicine, biology, chemistry, industry, digital technology, banking and finance, tourism, luxury goods and design, among others.


All aspects of this programme are specifically designed to fit your needs, including pace, timescale, professional and cultural objectives.

Practical information

  • Training courses devised by specialist trainers specifically to suit your requirements
  • Pace and duration adapted to your needs
  • On-site or at your premises
  • All year round, all levels

Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice on which French course would best meet your requirements.