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One-to-one Specialised French Lessons

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Do you want to follow a personalised language training programme? Chose our one-to-one specialised French lesson designed specifically to meet the needs of your profession, field of activity, or specialism, and that fits in with your schedule.
Your teacher will evaluate your needs, expectations and level, and devise a custom-made specialised French course to help you achieve your professional objectives.

Programme Overview:

  • The minimum cycle is 20 lessons in sessions of 2 to 4 lessons, at a pace that suits you.
  • For example:
  • One-to-one Extended: 2 lessons per week for 10 weeks
  • One-to-one Extended Plus: 2 sessions of 2 lessons per week for 10 weeks
  • One-to-one Intensive Half-day option: 3 sessions of 4 lessons per week
  • Don’t hesitate to contact us to formulate the right programme for you.


Your private French teacher will devise a personalised programme of one-to-one lessons and give you individual attention throughout your course.

Practical information

  • Levels : Beginners to Advanced - Levels A1 to C2 on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)
  • Pace : From 1 to 10 cycles of 2 to 10 lessons per week (1 lesson = 45 minutes)
  • Number of participants : 1
  • Minimum duration of a cycle : 10 sessions of 2 lessons


Personalised to fit in with your availability.


  • Cycle of 20 lessons: € 75 per lesson
  • Further lessons: € 70

Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice on which French course would best meet your requirements.