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Specialised French Courses French for Professional, Business or Higher Education

Learn French for professional or higher education purposes.
You decide on the focus, intensity and duration of your specialised French courses in order to reach your goal.

French Courses for Business

French courses is for companies, students or professionals who want to gain business communication skills and be operational in French within their field.

French Course and Internship in the Hospitality - Tourism

1 month French Course + 2 months Internship

Improve your French and start a professional carrier in hospitality -tourism.

  • Level B1 in English
  • Level A2 in French
  • Arrival on Sunday, June 3th 2018
  • Departure on Saturday, September 1st 2018

’Business and Professional Communication’ Course

26 lessons/week

Improve your French and increase your confidence in professional situations.

  • Optional: Gain certification by taking the internationally-recognised TCF French language competency test.
  • From level A2 - elementary
  • Courses start every Monday
  • Courses last from 1 week to 1 semester

Customised Training Courses for Businesses

A la carte

Develop your team’s professional communication skills in French.

  • Specialist Trainers
  • Pace and duration adapted to your needs
  • On-site or in your premises
  • All year. All levels

One-to-one Specialised French Lessons

A la carte
  • Specialist trainers
  • Pace and duration adapted to your needs
  • All year. All levels
  • French for students

Are you studying in French, or intending to, and want to ensure you make a success of it? Do you want to study in France and need to reach a certain level of language proficiency? The Alliance Française de Montpellier offers French courses to help you succeed in your studies.

French Courses for Higher Education Studies

Group lessons tailor-made for your students and adapted to your objectives and constraints

  • Specialist French teachers
  • Pace and duration to fit your needs
  • All year. All levels.

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Exam preparation course for French A level”,“AS level” and “Irish Leaving Certificate”

26 French lessons/week

Brush up your French thanks to our high quality French Immersion Course to achieve the best results at your French A-Level , AS Level or the Irish Leaving Certicate

  • Elementary to advanced
  • Start date for the cours: Monday February 13 2017, Monday February 20 2017 Monday April 11 2017, Monday April 17 2017
  • Duration: from 1 to 4 weeks

French Preparation Course for University Entrance

26 French lessons/week

This specialized intensive course will help you consolidate your level and develop skills to succeed in your studies in France.

  • From level A2 -intermediate
  • Courses start every Monday

Preparation Course for University and Higher Education Studies

1 to 12 months (26 lessons/week)

Reach the level required to be accepted at a higher education establishment and prepare for a French level test for University entrance. Improve your skills to be able to follow a curriculum of study in France.

  • From level A2 - elementary
  • Courses start every Monday
  • Courses last from 1 to 12 months

Tailor-made Courses for Universities & Higher Education Providers

Improve proficiency to gain a French diploma.
Programmes are customised to fit your discipline.

  • Pace and duration adapted to your needs
  • All year. All levels

‘Succeed in Your Studies’ Module

6 lessons/week

This course will boost your studies in France by developing your writing skills, note-taking and public speaking to improve your chances of success.

  • From level B1 - intermediate
  • Courses start every Monday
  • Courses last 1 term to 1 year